Salvador Dali / Les Chevaux Daliniens by SPADEM 1983 ем представлен Hiva Oa Art Gallery

Salvador DALI - Les Chevaux Daliniens by SPADEM 1983

ем представлен Hiva Oa Art Gallery

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Salvador DALI - Les Chevaux Daliniens by SPADEM 1983

Salvador Dali

Suite of 18 original lithographs on Arches vellum with embossing. Edition Armand Israel, 1983 by SPADEM.
Edition of 4.980 copy's, authorised by the artist during his life.
Signed on the stone by the artist.
Sheet size: 56 x 36 cm
Reissue in small format after "Les chevaux Daliniens" published in 1973.
Blindstamp of the publisher on every lithograph to insure 100% authenticity.
Name of the publisher and the year printed left below. Titled right below.
Also included the original cover (see pic 1). Nine works from this cover included in this lot of 18, 3 are not (La Centaure de Crete, La femme-cheval and Le chevalier Moyenageux), but an additional 9 are added, making a total of 18 (!) lithographs.
Titles included below.

All photo's on request
Lithographs in excellent condition (some very minor creases on some), cover some signs of wear.

Le Cheval de Course ;
Le Cheval Romain;
Saint Georges;
Bucéphale ;
Le Centurion ;
Le Cheval de Labeur ;
Neptune ;
Le Chevalier Chrétien ;
Le Cheval de Triomphe;
Le Cheval de la mort;
Lady Godiva;
Don Quichotte;
Le Picador;
La Licorne;
Le Cheval du printemps;
Cheval de Troie.

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